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Living for him who died for us!
October 29th 2019
As Christians we read the Bible and we see the words, God or LORD and we believe we have a great understanding of what these means. We have read books and heard messages preached on the importance of the names of God. I myself have spent multiple services dealing with just these names. There are some great truths in understanding names such as Jehovah-Jireh, and Jehovah-Shammah. There are even wonderful truths in simply understanding the name Elohim and
September 6th 2019
I have been reading through the Gospel Record of the Apostle John in my personal time, and I came across a very familiar story. The story I read was the account of Jesus and the Samaritan woman. We are all very familiar with it. Christ comes into Sychar and sits on a well. As he is sitting a woman arrives and he begins a conversation with her. He shares with her the truth that he is the Messiah and that he has living water to give to her. By the end of t
July 11th 2019
In the modern age we live in church attendance seems to be something of the past. It seems that there is a generation that feels actually attending a church service is something that they could live with or without. If you were to travel across America you would find the average age in Church is up and the average attendance is down. I speak with so many Pastors and their response is the same, “we simply do not have service because nobod
January 8th 2017
Here we are told that by faith Abraham committed two completely different actions. Most people claim the latter action to be his greatest. Abraham takes Isaac three days journey into the land of Moriah. He takes him to the top of the mountain and places him on the altar of sacrifice simply because God asked him to. To the world this seems backwards. Why would your God of love require a father to sacrifice a son? You see in Abraham’s mind